You give us the idea, we will provide you exactly what you need made with the best possible materials: gray cast iron, spheroidal cast iron, steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Ufficio tecnico

Technical office

Each project is tailored to the specifics of the customer by carefully studying the size of the business, the specific product standards and the required quality features so as to offer a full support to the design and industrialization of the product.

Analisi termica FEM

Thermal analysis by FEM

Analysis by FEM allows you to simulate hypothetical scenarios and efficiently analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on immersed or surrounding components. You can compare different project variants to choose the most appropriate one that can provide superior performance.

Prototipazione rapida

Rapid prototyping

Reducing prototyping and pre-series times is one of our main goals. The demanding market demands more and more customization of products and technical improvements to be made even during production.


The continuous growth in terms of investment and quality allows us to design and produce castings of cast iron, steel and aluminum for any design needs and for all industrial sectors.

Guancia per ruote

 Wheel accessories

Component for ferrotram wheels made of AISI steel
in wax cast – Weight: 65 KG

Rotore pompa

Pump rotor

Component for hydraulic pumps, made of wax cast stainless steel – Weight 1.0 KG

Ruota motrice

Driving wheel

Component for vehicles made of Spheroidal Cast Iron by Shell Molding – Weight 9 Kg


We pay close attention to every work cycle, and in particular to quality controls to ensure products that are always conforming and ready to be used in the production cycle.

Controllo tridimensionale

Three-dimensional control

Inspection with coordinate measuring machine, for dimensional quality control.

Ispezione con Sitescan

Inspection with Sitescan

Detection of internal fusion defects by ultra-sensitive ultrasonic instruments.

Certificato 3.1 a norma UNI-EN-10204

Certificate 3.1 according to UNI-EN-10204

The manufacturer, on the basis of tests performed on samples of the same casting and the same lot, attests conformity of the material.

Grey cast iron GJL200  GJL250

Standard EN 1561:11

Ductile cast iron GJS400-18  GJS500-7  GJS600-3

Standard EN 1563:12

Steel GE280 (FeG520)

Standard EN 10923:15

Stainless steel CF-8 (AISI304)  CF-8M (AISI316)

Standard ASTM A743

Stainless steel Duplex J93404 (2205)

Standard ASTM A890

Aluminium Al Si 7 Mg

Standard  UNI 9348:89